Order a Custom BMW in Scranton, PA

Finding the perfect new BMW is easy at Tom Hesser BMW near Clarks Summit, PA. With the ability to shop the showroom floor at our dealership or place a custom order, drivers can get their hands on a vehicle that has every feature they love. No matter what model you have your eyes on and what technology, comfort, or safety features you need in the interior, you can build it right here with Tom Hesser BMW to custom-order your ideal Ultimate Driving Machine.

If you are leaning towards placing a custom BMW order, let our representatives know! We can get you started on the process and help you order your dream vehicle.

Order a Custom BMW at Tom Hesser BMW in Scranton, PA

Building your own BMW is the option that lets drivers create their dream BMW vehicle. Regardless of what you want to see the exterior look like and the interior feel like, you can build it and watch our factory bring it to life. It's this very reason why the Build Your Own BMW option is so popular among drivers.

Why Order a Custom BMW?

Ordering a custom BMW is the only way to ensure you get your perfect vehicle full of features you know you will use. Instead of picking out a model with some of what you want, you can build one that has everything you need. The best part is that building your own luxury BMW is free of charge. You can get your ideal BMW vehicle that fits your personality without any extra fees.

What Customization Options Can Drivers Choose?

The customization options are endless when you build your own BMW. Instead of having a strict list of features to choose from, you can pick anything you want. You begin the process by deciding on the model and then design, color, wheels, upholstery, trim levels, and interior design. Then, you can pick safety features, technology capabilities, and more.

Discover Why You Should Build Your Custom BMW with Tom Hesser BMW

Not sure what features you want in your BMW? Our knowledgeable BMW representatives near Moosic can help you! We know all of the BMW building options and can advise you on choosing based on your needs.

From the building process to the paperwork and factory orders, we help you every step of the way, taking care of everything outside of designing the vehicle for no additional cost.