Executive Specials at Tom Hesser BMW in Scranton

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Tom Hesser BMW provides Scranton, PA, shoppers with high-quality value specials for BMW and other great brands. These top-of-the-line vehicle rides provide you with some of the best safety and performance settings at a used price that helps you use your money wisely.

You can also find fuel-efficient picks with some of today's most adequate settings. Our specialists are eager to show you great qualities to look for while trying to save money strategically. Please keep reading to learn more about our certified pre-owned BMW vehicles.


Featured Pre-Owned BMW

Our certified vehicles have to be inspected and properly prepared before we can present them to our buyers. These vehicles also have detailed history reports and favorable warranty choices to help you in the future. Here is a list of some features and settings you can find in a pre-owned BMW vehicle.

  • Two-door convertible vehicles with four-row seats and sports car appearances.
  • Four-door models with attractive angles show the BMW niche for clever aerodynamics.
  • Models with timeless designs.
  • Sleek interior options with advanced touch screen settings and well-organized seating arrangements for comfort and sporty goodness.
  • Power-folding hardtop options and stylish features.

Great Value From Our Used Specials

We want shoppers to know that mileage status and up-keeping are critical factors determining a vehicle's value. We are specialists who know how to determine whether the vehicle's mileage genuinely indicates whether it works well or poorly over time. Vehicles with low mileage aren't always of great value.

Our low mileage BMW vehicles are selected because of their ability to show proven history reports and performance capabilities that meet high standards. Some newer energy-efficient models have upgraded motors and better mile-per-gallon ratios with highway and city efficiency that helps you to save money.