Leasing a car is an excellent option for drivers who want to get a new vehicle in the next few years, pay less on repairs, and pay less monthly. However, there comes the point where the lease is up, and it's time to turn the vehicle in. Regardless of where you leased your vehicle and what type of car it is, you can return it here at Tom Hesser BMW in Scranton, PA.

What Are Drivers Options When the Lease Ends?

When your lease ends, you can either pursue another lease, or you can choose to purchase a car. If you are unsure of which direction you want to go in, our team at Tom Hesser BMW can help. While you browse the showroom for your next car, we can discuss both financing options with you. If you choose to lease again, you can lease one of our BMW models until the contract is up. But, if you decide to buy this time, we can guide you through that process and assist in finding a lender with a low interest rate.

How Do Drivers Return a Leased Vehicle?

When your lease is coming to an end, you can either drop off the vehicle at Tom Hesser BMW near Clarks Summit, or you can make a drop-off appointment. Our representatives take care of everything from there, from inspecting the car to ensuring it's nice and clean for the next driver. The only two things you need to worry about are bringing the vehicle to our dealership and taking out any of your belongings in the car.

Return Your Leased Car and Find Your Next One Here at Tom Hesser BMW

Many drivers are unsure where to turn after their lease is up; however, Tom Hesser BMW near Moosic is here to help. We take all leased vehicle returns, regardless of what dealership you got the car at. While you return the lease and have our team take care of everything, you can check out our new inventory in our showroom to find your next vehicle.

Visit Tom Hesser BMW today to return your lease and find your next car!

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